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It is our Mission of S&O Wheels and Tires to put customers first through time efficient, cost effective, mobile and on-site automotive services.


S&O Wheels and Tire Service was names after Sheree and Omar, relatives of Abdullah Jamison who passed away tragically before their time. In building his first business in 2007, he saw two needs within the community; a need for a quality, competitive automotive service, and the requirement for business to ensure their growth by building the community through mentorship and economic development. Abdullah treated his customers like family and his business like a workshop for all of those wanting and willing to learn a trade. It was through these relationships that his customers would share their struggles. One of the biggest struggles he would often hear was the choice many of his customers faced, the need to work, and the need to have their vehicles serviced to get to work.

Working in a wireless world, he had a thought, “technology is advancing and we must seize the moment.” With a vision and a dream, Abdullah Jamison began his business to remove this barrier from the lives of his customers by putting “time” back into their lives and finally removing the choice between automotive care and getting there.

“Honesty & Quality Products is Key to Our Success”


Roadside Assistance – 717-430-1043

326 S. Richland Avenue York, PA 17404

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