It is our mission at S&O Wheels and Tire Services to put customers first, through time efficient,cost effective, mobile and on-site automotive services.


S&O was named after Sheree and Omar family members of Abdullah who passed away tragically before their time. It was important to Abdullah to continue their legacy. This family oriented, small business is here for the community.  He began his first business in 2007 and saw two needs within the community; a need for quality, competitive automotive service and the requirement for business to ensure their growth by building the community through mentorship and economic development. Abdullah treated his costumers like family and his business like a workshop for all those wanting and willing to learn a trade. It was through these relationships that his customers would share their struggles. One of the biggest struggles he would often hear was the choice many of his customers faced, such as the need to work to be able to afford his services and the need to have their cars serviced to get to work. Because of this need, soon S&O will be offering our customers the opportunity to do payment plans for their service needs, wheels, tires and mobile services.

We look forward to doing business with you. Please call us at 717-850-2267 or stop by the shop and see us!!!

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