To A.C. or not to A.C? That is the question…

Yes, yes, yes!!! Who wants to sit in a car with no AC on a hot summer day? I know I don’t!!

Heating and A/C systems could wear over time with use, appropriate routine maintenance can keep you cool! 😊

The best ways to know if your heating and A/C are having troubles?
*If it’s not cooling!!
*If your air conditioning blows just a little cooler than the air outside
*Air that blows in smells like mildew
*Your cabin does not warm up in winter, or is just somewhat warmer than outside,
*The defroster takes long to work

A comprehensive assessment of heating and a/c systems includes:
*Visual inspection of entire coolant system (Checking the interior and blower inspecting radiator coolant level, hose pipes, pressure cap and thermostat, examining the compressor belt, checking for leaks or additional damages)
*Notation of any signs indicating overheating
*A full coolant flush, bleeding and fluid exchange
*Up to 2 gallons of new coolant

When to call us?
Anytime!! Remember to schedule your heating or air conditioning check prior to the heat of the season, to guarantee you have the most comfortable driving experience. Call us at 717-850-2267

Do nots with donuts…

It’s happened to all of us. We didn’t notice our tire had a nail in it or we ran over something sharp. Luckily we have that spare tire in the trunk. Here’s a list of do nots with donuts.

  • Do not drive more than 70 miles distance on a donut
  • Do not go over 50 miles per hour on a donut
  • Do not go on the highway or freeway on a donut
  • Do not wait to call us for your tire needs

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